Important Announcement

The future of Club Penguin Universe

As you most of you know, Club Penguin Universe has had a lot of update delays recently.
This is because we, with great regret, have planned to close Club Penguin Universe's doors on June 15th, 2018.

Club Penguin Universe's "Waddle On" party will take place June 10thJune 15th.
The servers will shutdown June 15th, at exactly 3:00 PM Penguin Standard Time (or 6:00 PM EST).


On a brighter note, Club Penguin Universe won't be going down completely.
We've been working on a new project called Club Penguin Remade, which is a recreation of Club Penguin made completely from scratch by an amazing development team with over 6 developers.

Unlike every single CPPS ever made, Club Penguin Remade will be using an original HTML5 client that has been created by the Club Penguin Remade development team. This project also enables us to prepare for Flash’s closure, because after it discontinues we will have our game fully running without bugs, and lots of new features.

We have made this decision because Flash is due to shutdown by 2020, meaning we would have to close our doors sooner or later as Club Penguin Universe is not able to run without it.

Follow Club Penguin Remade on Twitter @RemadeCP
Join Club Penguin Remade's Discord server.

Thank you for everything, and for all of the amazing memories you've created.

Waddle on,
The Club Penguin Universe Team